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March Motivation: Goal is set. Time To Transition.

Welcome to the month of March. Somewhere in between Fleece lined pants and a tank top. How are you transitioning?

Sometimes I feel I’m in a constant state of transition. Does the destination ever come? As soon as I feel like I’ve reached a goal, it’s on to the next! You know I’m all about words. Instead of prepping for bla bla bla, I like the idea of "I’m transitioning to [insert goal here]."

Taking steps and prepping sounds so concrete. Like every step is a smaller goal that HAS to be met in order to reach that big goal. The “transition process” sounds more forgiving. It gives us the grace to make shifts if we need to and not view them as failures.

If my goal is to run/jog/walk a mile without stopping, every move counts. But there will be some days I fall short because my body changes every single day. The goal doesn’t have to change, but transitioning to a different approach can, depending on how my body feels in that moment.

I’m in this transition period of my life where my kids are getting older and I’m getting my resume tight and right! I’m not checking off boxes to reach my goal of getting hired. I’m adjusting the pieces in my life to make way for whatever is next.

The transition is also the amazing place where I learn the most! I see my destination, but what thoughts are running around as I make my way there? What’s with the negative self talk? Why do I feel threatened by someone else’s work experience? The transition can be very revealing.

So as we enjoy the sunshine but still see the snow, let’s revel in the idea that even though we can’t see it, growth is happening beneath our very feet. The warmth is coming, but the transition is where some of the most important work happens.

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