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New Year Rituals Bla bla bla...

In a recent Instagram post about how the start of a new year is really just another day. I've spent so many years thinking about this time as a clean slate only to be disappointed when my habits from the previous year resurfaced. This is the message that I feel has been sold to us. That on January 1st, we can start again and become new people with new fitness goals, new financial goals, new dietary goals, new career goals...etc.

Resolutions may work for some people but they have never worked for me. They never motivated me beyond the first couple of weeks of a new year. I actually have a resolution list on a bulletin board that I thought looking at every day would inspire me. I accomplished not one thing on that list and it had only 4 items. I didn't even make moves beyond research to achieve these goals and quite frankly, I had to combat feelings of failure as I ripped it down and threw it away.

While I DID accomplish a few off-list things that were incredibly meaningful, I assigned an uninvited amount of pressure for not ticking off items by December 31st.

Then, I saw this trend of having a word of the year. A focus word of sorts. This practice seemed like something I could stand behind. One word. That's doable. And as I really reflected on this focus word practice, I realized it could apply to every goal I have and even the ones I haven't thought of yet!

My word for 2023 is FLOURISH. I thought about the word growth, but one of my goals this year is to think and dream bigger.

I also created a vision board on Canva. This is my first time doing this practice and it took some time, but every word and picture has meaning behind it to me and is related to something I want to work on or accomplish this year. Putting it as my desktop background has brought feelings of excitement. It's not just goals, but also plans that are already in motion. Looking at it excites me! Resolutions never excited me, but this new practice does!

So, I encourage you to find a practice that not only works for you but excites you. And if you don't know what works for you, try a few things! It's really not that serious nor is it absolutely essential that you even have goals for the year! Sometimes, simply surviving is an achievement and that always deserves to be celebrated as a success.

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