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My First Ride

Random thoughts before, during and after my very first SoulCycle Class

I tried spinning once before because it was a fundraiser supported by my place of work. I loved the instructor but thought it wasn’t for me. I kept hearing about how great spinning was for the whole body. Still, my knees that remind me I’m 40+ every day, needed convincing. The only thing I knew about SoulCycle was their marketing was beautiful, and a lot of celebrities loved it. I live in a small-ish town, so spinning/cycling classes are only available a a few large gyms. I also read that SoulCycle was a cross between Yoga and Cycling. Cross just about anything with Yoga and I’m game at least once. So for my 41st birthday, I wanted a wellness weekend. I did the big 40th birthday party last year. This year, I went in the complete opposite direction. I booked a room in downtown Chicago at the home of my college girlfriend, Molly, and prepped for my very grown up SoulCycle adventure.

- I downloaded the SoulCycle app. Boom. Online account set up and one class paid for.

- Read online section on what to know before I walk in. Don't walk in there not knowing. Sure you can ask, but I had a 100 questions. The app answered about 90 of them.

- I reserved a bike in the second row. Not too close to draw attention, but not too far back where I couldn't see. PERFECT!

- I also took my first Uber and didn't get kidnapped! Her name was Patricia. She drove a yellow Kia and was awesome and probably knew I was a tourist.

- I arrived a Half hour early. Questions were answered. Yes!

- Ready to pay for shoes. Wait, I need special shoes? They lock in the bike pedals? WTH?

- I have anxiety again. I had to set a locker code. Going with my birthday on this one.

- Still time to kill so I practiced on the model bike in the lobby and a kind worker helped me adjust the levers. There's a lot more to this than just sitting down and riding.

- I wrote down the seat and handle bar measurements on a card so that I wouldn't forget when I went into the actual cycling studio.

- Apparently I picked the day where new bikes were just set up, so everyone was a newbie!

- A class just ended and the hallway feels like a subway station in the middle of time square!

- A couple waiting asked me about the new bike rumor. I very confidently confirmed it. Because I'm in the know after all.

- Game time. My class files in. The bikes are super close to each other and I'm all of a sudden worried about my crotch hurting.

- I lock my new SoulCycle shoes into the pedals praying that my towel doesn't drop. I am not unblocking these bad boys out until this is over.

- The lights go dim and my instructor, Naz, starts saying all of this inspirational stuff because her name is Naz and she probably came out of the womb cool AF.

- Like I said, we are packed in and I still worried about my crotch, dropping my towel and hoping I don't have gas. The rider behind me feels too close to my butt!

- I make a conscious effort not to look at my watch and I start to find my rhythm.

- All of the standing and sitting and my knees surprisingly don't hurt. And a girl in the front row in has amazing hair.

- Naz says things like "big turn to the right." After a few "turns" I realize she's not having us visualize a big turn to the right on a road. She's talking about turning the resistance knob to the right. Oops.

- Lights out. No candles. Just darkness. Naz talks about enjoying the ride and I almost start crying, but I will not be a freak and cry!

- It's time for some light weights because, why not? My butt kept slipping and I kept readjusting. Thankfully this only lasted about 5 minutes.

- The ride was over and we did standing stretches on the floor.

-We started to file out, row by row and it felt like exiting pews at mass. I mean it is called SOULCycle.

- It's basically another workout to get to my locker. A woman says she was sitting behind me and told me I had great arms! I'm thankful for no gas.

- And of course, I had to be touristy and get a pic with the instructor.

Have you every tried SoulCycle? What did you think?

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