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Time For a Fashion Vacay

I live in leggings, and 2018 was time for a getaway

I call this "When Biker meets Burberry"

I've always wanted a biker jacket. I made it my mission to find the PERFECT Faux Leather Biker jacket this year. All of my obsessions begin on Pinterest where I learned a Biker Jacket is also called a Moto Jacket. I'm assuming that's short for Motorcycle. It had to be the right length. Fitted enough to be flattering, but big enough to wear layers underneath. I was hoping I could find one for under $100 without it looking cheap and "pleathery." I didn't think this was too much to ask until I started trying jackets on over a period of about two months and began to think I was being too picky. But I lucked up on one in Express of all places! I hadn't been in an Express store since Y2K but the Fashion Gods led me smiled upon me. I LOVE this jacket and the good thing about mall retail stores not doing too well is there's always a sale. With markdowns and coupons, I met my price tag AND perfect fashion find goal.


24K Magic In The Air...

This gold skirt was my first purchase on my fashion vacation and I almost didn't buy it. I went with some girlfriends to a Fashion/Art event in the winter of 2017. I saw this skirt and convinced myself I did NOT have the confidence to pull this off. I mean, I'd go bananas trying to accessorize it. But, I was on this gold kick and thought it really make a bold statement. I loved it, but felt incredibly shy...about a frickin skirt. One of my friends said I could rock it and I convinced me to get it. It didn't take much arm twisting. Plus, it's called " The Bradshaw." I mean, really. How could I not. The first time I wore it, was to a staff holiday party where I missed the memo about being super casual and comfy and in I walk with this metallic high beam frock on. Don't get me wrong, I was cute, but hella embarrassed and annoyed that my wannabe fashionista debut in this skirt was foiled. Luckily, my big sister came to the rescue. She surprised me and my parents with tickets to the Bruno Mars Concert in Detroit. Hello? Music Concert? Bruno? Mr. 24K Gold himself! We'll pretend the holiday party never happened and my Carrie moment was in my hometown, Motown!


My summer question "What would Meghan wear?"

Ever since I saw Meghan wear that blue and white striped shirt to Wimbledon, I had to find something blue and white striped to wear to Wimbledon. Or somewhere...

When I'm shopping/hunting, I used to ask myself, what would Kate wear? No really, I would. But, then she got all fancy, and her style became less Zara and more McQueen. (Pun intended.) Cut to a few years later, I began asking myself what would Meghan wear. I saw this J.Crew jumpsuit in a magazine and I felt it had Duchess of Sussex vibes all over it. The halter reminded me of the second dress she wore on her wedding day when she and Harry drove off into Happily Ever After. Coupled with the perfect width of space between the blue stripes...sigh. I couldn't wait to wear this on the streets of NYC. Sure, we were walking across the Brooklyn bridge, and all of my girlfriends were wearing cute tee shirts and shorts, but they already know I can be a little extra and still love me. I posed for several pics trying to get the right instagram worthy one and every one was awkward, because well...Kimmi. I don't know what I was looking at, and I swear I didn't pose for this, but my girl snapped it and caught my very first NYC fashion-y moment.



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