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A Little Stability in the Chaos

I feel like the world is falling apart. Sometimes it feels like it’s being torn apart by people who don’t want to make it better, together.

Today I taught a Yoga class over Zoom that focused on grounding. Finding some stability and safety on the mat. I try very hard to take what I’ve learned from my mat into my everyday life. So much of this week, even this year, has been an unsettling. That’s putting it mildly. But today, I needed a few poses to remember a few things.

1. 🌤 Warm up. Don’t rush into the grounding flow. It’s coming. But you need to work to get there.

2. 🏅 My left knee is not my right. Stop expecting. Stop judging. It’s giving you its best. Honor it.

3. 🌳 Tree Pose. Where you can reach for the sky with limitless potential and STILL feel rooted, grounded and supported by forces that only want to see you thrive. They hold you up.

4. 🦅 Eagle Pose. Power. There’s nothing like remembering who you are and all you have to give. Twisted up and maybe perceived as complicated to some, but they don’t know your strength.

I loved this class so much, I wanted to share it with you in the hopes that you will feel some safety, some security when perhaps control feels lost. Even if you hang out in child’s pose for the entire video, there’s power in that. There’s power in saying I’ve had enough and we all need to make people feel safe to articulate that.

As always, my fitness videos are for every BODY. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve laid out your Yoga mat or if you are still thinking about purchasing one. My passion is for making Yoga and fitness accessible to EVERYONE. If you are feeling that flow, subscribe to my YouTube channel and of course feel free to share the love.

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